Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tiyul Sukkot

Sunday to Wednesday, the Workshoppers were hiking through the Golan Heights with their Australian, South African, New Zealand and British counterparts. They hiked through the Yehudiya, Zavitan, Meshushim pools and the Zaki stream. Part of the hikes went through streams, and each day also involved a lot of swimming breaks. On the first day, each hiking group also built their own sukkah, which stayed up at the campsite throughout the tiyul. On Sunday night, the Australians planned a fun erev tarbut (evening program), on Monday night there were chuggim (including stargazing, scary stories, a Hebrew sing a long, and acrobalance), and on Tuesday the Workshoppers planned a medura/musicale with a campfire. They also prepared their own dinner, poike, a stew with rice, vegetables and meat prepared in a special pot over a fire. The tiyul also involved a lot of conversations and comparisons about Habonim around the world, and the chanichim learned a lot from each other. They will get another chance to hang out over Rabin Seminar, Nov 7-8.

Learning about how the Golan Heights were formed, with the help of Diet Coke and Mentos.

Building their Sukkot.

Swimming in the pools of the Zavitan Stream.

Cooking poike with new friends.

One of the hiking groups in front of their Sukkah.

Tavor chanichim plus Phia singing at Medura.

Hiking through the Yehudiya stream.

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