Monday, September 8, 2014

Boneh: The Weekly Schedule

This week, the Workshoppers start Boneh. Boneh is a three month long educational leadership development seminar. By emphasizing group learning and processing, Boneh encourages the kvutza to understand the past in order to take a stance on the future. Although a core component of Boneh is classroom based learning, the environment is informal and flexible to suit the desires of the chanichim. Discussion and participation are central to the Boneh experience. Boneh lays the intellectual and ideological foundation of Workshop, and future leadership in the movement at home by encouraging the chanichim to ask the big questions: Who am I as a Jew in the world? How is Jewish history relevant to me today? What is my relationship to Israel? What is a youth movement? Where did Habonim Dror come from and what is its mission in modern society? What kind of leader do I want to be? What future do I envision for the Jewish people? Luckily, they have a whole year to explore these questions!

Boneh consists of several different courses, guest lectures, a kibbutz work experience, Yom Kvutza, weekly siyurim (outings) and ulpan (Hebrew classes), as well as different responsibilities for the kvutza. Check back as we explore each of these sections in the upcoming weeks. Below, pictures of the chanichim on Boneh Orientation, learning about what to expect each week by competing to reveal the schedule.

Unsure of what will Boneh is...

 Starting to get an idea, thanks to Nora.

Cliel gets a shot. 

Mia helps reveal Wednesday's schedule.

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