Sunday, September 28, 2014

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers visit Boneh each week in order to expand on the weekly theme through lectures, presentations and workshops. Guest speakers vary greatly, but are generally specialists or activists in their respective fields. In the past, guest speakers have included representatives from Eastern Sun (An Organization for Mizrachi Culture), the Kibbutz Holiday Center, Muki Tzur (former Mazkir of the United Kibbutz Movement and author), Gershom Gorenberg (author), Breaking the Silence, Neil Harris (expert in Arab-Jewish relations), Anat Hoffman (founder, Women of the Wall), the Mazkir of Bnei Akiva, Daniel Luria (head of Ateret Cohanim) and The Council to Prevent Genocide.

This week, the Shiur (Modules) theme is Anti-Semitism and the guest speaker was Professor Yisrael Neeman from Haifa University.

Chanichim in shiur.

Going through a museum of pictures, quotes, and anti-semitic incidents in 
European history, 1200-1800. 

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