Thursday, September 18, 2014

Siyur Thursdays: Diaspora Museum, Shuk HaCarmel, and Graffiti Tour

Most Thursdays, the Workshoppers leave Ein Dor to travel to a different part of the country. The siyur (tour) theme is designed to enhance the educational themes of the week, as well as giving the Workshoppers a chance to get out and explore the country.

This week, the Workshoppers traveled to Tel Aviv. They spent the morning at the Diaspora Museum at Tel Aviv University, learning about the history of the Jewish peoples all over the world from the Roman expulsion in 72 AD until the creation of the state of Israel. The museum explores how the Jewish people survived for two thousand years in the Diaspora, and what maintained them as a people while being spread all over the world. They had lunch at the open-air market at Shuk Hacarmel, in the center of Tel Aviv, before heading to the Florentine neighborhood. A former working class neighborhood in South Tel Aviv, today it is home to many young people and has become an artistic center. The Workshoppers went on a graffiti tour, learning about different symbols and political messages behind Israeli graffiti.

At the Diaspora Museum, in front of the recreation of Arch of Titus, showing the expulsion of the Jews.


Our guide explaining the significance of different pieces.

Ronnie, inspired by the graffiti.

Workshop 64, with their new British counterparts from HD United Kingdom. The
Brits will be living with them on Ein Dor, and sharing some aspects of Boneh. 

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