Friday, November 7, 2014

Siyur Thursday: Zichron Ya'akov and the Pioneer Settlement Museum

It's been a very busy week for Workshop 64! On Tuesday, they traveled to Rishon Letzion for a movie night with all of world Habonim Dror, including the Australians and South Africans they met on Tiyul Sukkot.

Yesterday, they had a siyur (tour) of Zichron Ya'akov about the First Aliyah. Founded as an agricultural settelment in 1882 with the funds and support of Baron de Rothschild, the town became famous during World War I as the home of the Nili spy ring. Established by the Aronsons, the spy ring operated against the Ottoman rulers for the British empire. The Workshoppers had a tour of Zichron and some free time to wander around the town.

Afterwards, they headed to Kibbutz Yifat to visit the Pioneer Settlement Museum, to learn about the 3rd Aliyah. The 3rd Aliyah began after the end of the First World War, and was characterized by young olim (immigrants) headed for collective agricultural settlements. Many kibbutzim and moshavim were founded in the Jezreel Valley, where Kibbutz Yifat is located. The museum is an experiential look at the settlements the chalutzim (pioneers) founded, recreating the collective work projects, chader ochel, bathrooms, laundry, and sleeping tents. Some of the structures bore a strong resemblance to our own machanot!

This weekend is Rabin Seminar, and the Workshoppers will be at Givat Haviva with world Habonim Dror. There will be 120 gap-year participants, going through the seminar in English, Spanish, and Hebrew groups. Check back after the weekend for pictures and summaries of the seminar!

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