Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ofek: Bina Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv

The Workshoppers studying at Bina are Nora, Maya, Tali, Ari, Netanya, Shira, Cliel, Micaela, Erin and Rayna. Bina is a secular yeshiva, founded with the mission of connecting Israelis and Jews to Judaism in a non-religious environment. Using traditional methods of Jewish study, such as text analysis and chevruta (pair-based learning), Bina educators ask their students not only why Judaism is relevant to their lives, but also seeks to establish a basis of knowledge in Jewish texts and ritual.

Workshoppers are taking classes in Jewish philosophy, Talmud, Shabbat and Chaggim, Tanach and some special topic lectures. In between classes, their madrichim are also running activities, movie nights, and projects to connect their learning at Bina to their role as madrichim in the movement.

Some of their classes are siyurim of Tel Aviv, themed around different topics. On Sunday, their first day, they had a siyur of Rothschild Boulevard, about the founding of Tel Aviv.

Examining a model of the original settlement of Tel Aviv, in Migdal Shalom.

The mosaic of the founding of Tel Aviv, also in Migdal Shalom.

On Tuesday, they had a siyur of Yafo, about the Book of Jonah, as a complement to their Tanach studies. 

The whole Bina group with Elliot, their educator for the day.

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